What religion am I, can someone help me out by telling me what religion fits my beliefs?

I am having a hard time figuring out what religion I am, because I really don’t know a lot about any other religions besides Christianity, and it doesn’t fit me. I don’t believe in the same things Christian’s believe in. I would really like to hear from someone that has studied religions, but any input will be appreciated. Please don’t judge me, or force your religion on me. I know this is going to be a long post, but I would appreciate it if you read this, and provide some answers, and opinions.

Here are somethings I believe, and don’t believe. I believe that when you die, you just die. There is no heaven, hell, or any after life at all. I believe that we are just here, no reason, we just somehow evolved. I don’t believe any “God” or higher power created us, or that we just appeared out of nowhere. I am not sure exactly how we got here, but it honestly doesn’t matter to me, we are here and that is all that matters. I don’t believe if you do something bad or wrong that a higher power will punish you by sending you to hell, or causing you to get hit by a bus or anything. I believe that what happens to me is entirely based on my actions or the actions of others…if I get hit by a bus, it’s because I was in the middle of the road, not being careful, or because there was a drunk driver that was driving crazily as I walked down the sidewalk. I don’t believe in Satan. I believe the Bible was made as some sort of “rule book” for life. Trying to scare us into not doing anything bad, because if we do we will be punished by “God”…I somewhat believe in Karma, but I haven’t had any experiences…like me doing something bad, and having it come back on me. In order to believe something, I have to have solid proof and evidence….

Those are most of the things I believe in, that I can think of off the top of my head. What religion would these beliefs be categorized as?

Answer #1

Sounds like an atheist to me… Honestly, it helps to research things yourself, rather then hear it from others. It took me years to find something that I found right. And even then, I kind of modified it a little. I follow Odinism, but not every aspect of it, all the ideas, and morals behind it are fantastic, in my opinion, but I’ve never been one to believe in any kind of God. I believe the Gods are symbolic, each of them hold some kind of purpose or lesson, and has as human of traits as any of us. I don’t think anything happens when you die either, but I still feel you should die well. Maybe a little bit of Buddhism in you? Don’t feel the need to stick yourself to one religion if some aspects of it don’t fell right, take what you can learn from all of them, it will make you a stronger person, and probably help you figure out some of the things you are unsure of. There are a lot of ideas presented in the worlds religions, and pondering those ideas can make you figure out amazing things for yourself.

Answer #2

Thank you Cassie, I really appreciate your input. So it’s okay to have more than one religion? Kind of a mix between 2 or 3 of them?

Answer #3

Yeah! Why not? People can’t tell you how to think, or what to believe in, everyone is different, you don’t need to tie yourself down to one of the premade molds out there. Make something that benefits yourself to the fullest extent. A religion isn’t mandatory.

Answer #4

Thanks Cassie. :)

Answer #5

trust me all religions are good… you can read about them and pick something useful in each of them…iam not buddhism but when i read about buddha’s saying and if i find it useful for my life i do use it in my daily life.. so its up to you.

Answer #6

yea, it looks lik yure an athiest. but even though i was born in an baptist family, i dont kno alot about athiest except they dont believe in God. so u should probably do some research on it.

Answer #7

It is very hard to tell you what you are when you have not given us what you DO believe. There’s no religion out there that is based on what you DONT believe. I mean the whole lack of God narrows down the religions considerably. There’s very few existing religions today that dont have some form of a deity. By definition, you are an atheist. Some atheistic religions (by interpretation, there are others in the religion who do believe in God/gods) include Paganism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism or Taoism. Like Cassie said though, you dont have to have a religion. It’s nice to have some sort of name to give your beliefs, but if you cant find a name that truly fits you, it’s fine. Buddhism would probably come closest to your beliefs…

Answer #8

Thank you I appreciate you answer very much. :)

Answer #9

Since you don’t believe in God you are an atheist. Neither theist nor atheist are religions though. There are some non-theist religions like Buddhism (at least some branches) and Ethical Culture. I’ve also heard of people who follow liberal religions like Unitarians or Quakers who no longer believe in a literal God but still follow many of the tenets of their religion and still consider themselves members.

Answer #10

I suggest be an atheist than a superstitious fool. There is lots of room to discover. To start with know your Self then the rest will be automatically be answered, first know who you really are, religion and beliefs can come later. Believe in your Self, it more important than religion.

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