Who can tell me something about saint arabella?

Can anybody tell me anything about Saint Arabella (not the one from the game "Warhammer 40,000)? I googled her and nothing imformative came up. Please answer if you know ANYTHING. :) Oh and I already know that her symbol is the white rose and that she is from Scotland. Thank-you

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Saint Arabella, Founder of the Order of the Sacred Rose, The Liberator.

Like the Order of the Bloody Rose, the Order of the Sacred Rose was not
formally created until the reign of the Ecclesiarch Deacis VI. Arabella
was known as a particularly serene, even-tempered Sister, renowned for her
calm nature in the face of adversity. She is said to have been instrumental
in the negotiations that led to Dominica accepting the plan of the Adeptus
Custodes taking the sisters before the Golden Throne and has earned the
honorific 'Liberator' because many Sisters pray to her for liberation from
doubt and rash action at times when a cool head is required. It is not
known whether Arabella was martyred, died of old age, or if some other
fate took her, and any inquiry into the subject with the Sisters of her
Order is met with a stony silence. Her symbol is a white rose, held aloft
in a mailed gauntlet.

This is taken fromhttp://www.goblin-online.net/fortyk/14light.txt

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