Getting child support

What do I do about getting child support on my ex

Answer #1

honeslty everyone has been giving you very good advice. I dont even know this guy but I know for a fact he wouldnt pay a dime. you NEED to get into court with this…

Answer #2

talk to a professional in the feild of social services but if you can talk to the father and see where he is coming from to make sure your not asking for something he is not able to be able to do ( see how much cash he has ) you dont want a broke father right??

Answer #3

A child support order is a court order directing a parent to pay a specific amount of money for the support of their minor children not living with them. Child support orders may be issued as part of a divorce settlement, family support cases, paternity actions and interstate cases. To get a child support order you can file a petition with the circuit court requesting a child support order. The court may enter the order immediately or a hearing will be held and the court will decide the child support amount. After the written support order is signed by the judge and filed with the court clerk, the case will normally be handled by the Friend of the Court office in the county where the case is filed.

Child support continues until a child reaches the age of eighteen. Additionally, the court can order support to continue so long as a child is a full-time student with a reasonable likelihood of graduating, but not past the age of 19 1/2.

When a child support is entered, the court will also order that the payments be automatically deducted from the non-custodial parent’s paycheck. This is called an income withholding order. The employer sends payments to the Friend of the Court office. The Friend of the Court then issues a check to the custodial parent, keeps records of all payments, and takes action if payments are missed.

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