What shuld I do if the father wants full cusidy of the kid?

Just got done talking to the ex and he said he wants to take the kid away. I really don’t know what to do. He doesn’t want me in the kids life cause he thinks ima be a bad example. What should I do? Any advise???

Answer #1

he can’t just come an take you kid! if social services have never been involved or called out and their isn’t a problem then he can’t have full custody of you kid part maybe but not full

Answer #2

Well are you a bad example?

This has to go trough a court and a whole big procces anyway, there has to be reasons why the kid should not see you, proof and all that, so the last word is up to the judge and if your son is old enuff, wich is around the age of 14-15, him too. And if you are a good mom there is nothing to be afraid of.

Answer #3

Call a lawyer.

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