How many kids do you want to have?

If you dont have kids yet how many kids do you want to have???

Answer #1

None, kids are money-spending, pants-pooping, fight-picking annoyances. Honestly, I think they’re cute and such but totally not worth it.

Answer #2

between 2-4. But im waiting till im like 27. Kids are cute when their not yours, but the routine gets old pretty fast. I like kittens.

Answer #3

I would like 2 have 2, a boy and a girl, my fiance has a twin sister and I have twins in my family so hopefuly!! I wil get twins in 1 go!! lol xx

Answer #4

Hopefully none.

Answer #5

2 kids.

Answer #6

I would love to have twins :)

Answer #7

3…but 4 at maximum…:)

Answer #8

two one boy and one girl

Answer #9

1. So it wont fight with others, and so I can spoil it rotten :D

Answer #10

Sometimes I think I don’t want any, but others maybe 2-3. :)

Answer #11

2 - 4 kids 2 boys 1 girl

Answer #12

anywhere between 2-4… y?

Answer #13

just 1 or 2.

Answer #14

I want between 1-3 xx

Answer #15
  1. horny, sweetie, meera and !!! give it a name(laf)
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