if I have a kid I want to name

if I have a kid I want to name if a guy I hope ozzy osbaurne or marilyn manson thats not wierd right? lol I think marilyn would b a good name

Answer #1

it would be a bit weird, yes especially since you cant even spell ozzy’s last name correctly howevere there woudlnt be anything wrong with it but you have to think of your children and if they want to be called soemthing that someone else is called one guy even maed his son hitler NOT because he liked hitler, just because he liked the name “ hitler “

Answer #2

That kid would get the p* taken out of them at school

Answer #3

kinda wierd my butt thats stupid

Answer #4

kinda weird… may attract some attention.

Answer #5

Uhm…it’d be a bit weird, yes. But ok?

Answer #6

The child would resent you. What you think is “cool” will not be to your child.

Answer #7

If I were your kid, I would kill you and then myself. Ozzy or Marilyn are fine names, but if you couple them with the last names, that’s just sad

Think Naomi Campbell (sp?) from Skins.

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