How many kids do you want?

how many kidz do you think you want?

Answer #1

I want 4 or 6, I love big families :)

Answer #2

I want 3 girls I already have names I dont think I’m going to have 3 girls but I would name them hailie,whitney,alainia its weird but I like those names always has and always will

Answer #3

I used to want at least 2…the more the better. but since I developed my eating disorder I don’t want any. although if I were to get preg’ I’d never abort.

Answer #4

I told my partner when we met that I wanted a footy team, we already have one. but I cant wait to have more, realistically I would say 3

Answer #5

im thinking maybe 2-3…

Answer #6

I have 2 a 12yr old and an 8 yr old and would love another but weve had o luck so im happy with my pidgeon pair. otherwise as long as the bub is healthy they are blessing no matter what sex they are. I will throw in however that boys are easier lol

Answer #7

just one..I dont want to have to deal with the pain…and I know I probably wont have that much money when im older

Answer #8

I either one 1 or 2 most likely will have 2

Answer #9


Answer #10

I want two daughters, I don’t really want sons at all

Answer #11

I would be happy with just one but two woud be ideal.

Answer #12

I would to have 4 kids 2 girls and 2 boys

Answer #13

☆I have a 2year old… and I’m going to say I’d have one more.. So I want 2 children. 1 girl 1 boy ☆

Answer #14

All of you guys saying you want 2 or more children. Come back and tell me that when you have one!


Answer #15

I’d have to say three. But, I don’t think I’ll know for sure how many I want until I experience parenthood.

Answer #16

Two…a girl and a boy :)

Answer #17

3 or 4. 2 girls and 2 boys OR all girls.

Answer #18

☆I have a 2 year old… and I’m going to say I’d have one more.. So I want 2 children. 1 girl 1 boy ☆

Answer #19

2 girls 4 boys

Answer #20

I want 4 and I already have 3.

Answer #21

I don’ no how many kids im having

Answer #22

I want 6 kidz 2 sets of twin boys 1 set of twin girls


boys girls boys

Answer #23

3 is a good number. I want at least one set of twins =]

Answer #24

Before I like to have four, two boys and two girls. But after experiencing giving birth, I think one or two is enough.

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