What kind of dog breed should I get?

I was wandering what kind of dog breed should I get I have a dog and well when ever I move out I want some other dog to play with her. so what dog do you guys think is good? or should I get a cat?and what kind of cat?

Answer #1

thanks phrannie your wondering what kind of dog I have a she’s all mix red healer,blue healer,dingo and watwiler(don’t know how to spell it)lol yeah thanks everybody and I will think long and hard before I get another dog lol.


Answer #2

Get a Hungarian Visla there the most beautiful dogs ever but their very energetic animals so depending on whether or not that matters you should get one of them

Answer #3

What kind of dog do you have now? You have to take into consideration…size, prey drive, if you can afford two dogs (that’s double all the yearly stuff)…Always think long and hard before you get a pet…they are NOT disposible…they are a full fledged commitment of at least 10 to 15 years.


Answer #4

I like dogs better! Uhm… any kind of terrier is usually a good dog to have! I’ve had a rat terrior for the past 12 years and he is a very smart dog and loves to play and is well behaved!

Answer #5

You could try spending more time with your current dog - training, playing, walking.

Answer #6

gomez pitz kennels

Answer #7

I own a dog daycare and have studied for years…um go online, books, anything read and try to find a dog that fits your personality and thats wut you should get…

Answer #8

small or big? jumpy our gentle? GIVE SOME DETAILS HERE

Answer #9

cockapoo’s I have one.. he’s awesome I just got him…

Answer #10

how bout a blue nose pit bull! im selling puppies!

Answer #11

not a chihuahua they are possesed

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