Dog breeds (which should I get)

What breed of dog should I get? I have a dog already who is really sweet so she could get along with another dog. I asked my parents which breed we should get they said they didn’t know.. this is what I’ll be willing to do in these categories.. Exercise:2-3 times a day long walks or frisbee Size: Small, Medium, Large (not extra large) House size: Really big and big back yard Grooming: 2-3 times a week Baths: only when needed Time alone: 7 hours because of school How old: puppy Let me know what breed of dog I should get!!! : ]

Answer #1

get a westie. I hve 2 and they are such good dogs

Answer #2

my other dog is a yorkie..

Answer #3

Don’t get a puppy if you are away for 7 hrs/day.

Answer #4

It depends on what breed of dog you have and the gender.

A shiba inu is a good dog that isn’t very high-maintenence, is medium sized, and gets along with other dogs. They need to run around a lot though, but if you have a fenced in back yard and can walk it or play with it in a park it will get rid of most of the energy.

A boxer is a good choice too for a larger breed dog, especially if you’re introducing it into a household as a puppy with another dog in the house. The only thing with them is that they can be prone to a lot of allergies.

A lab is always a safe choice, very friendly and loyal.

Answer #5

Well, you’ve covered a lot bases, leaving you open for nearly any breed other than Great Danes, St. Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds…and the rest of the giant breeds…

I think the first thing you’re going to want to decide is what size…how big is your other dog?? You’ll want a dog who will make a good playmate…How good is your fencing? A small dog can get out in places so small you can’t hardly find that place.

Boxers, German Shepherd, Rotties, Labs…need a good amount of activity, so be sure and ask to see the parents. Depending on the lines, the activity level varies from moderate need of exercise to dogs bouncing off the walls, no matter HOW much they get.

Go here and start reading up on all the breeds, this site tells the good and the not so good of every breed…pay close attention to their trainability levels under the “Temperment”…


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