Which breed of dog should I get? I can't decide.?

Okkk, so im in love with these two dog breeds, my parents have excepted either breed. And im committed and up to the challenge of taking care of one of these breeds. So please don’t say anything like “there both very energetic, and need constant attention!” .. Yahh, I’ve got that. I know that. But, im either going to get an Australian Shepherd or a Border Collie … The problem is I have nooo idea which one to get. There both adorable and they almost look the same.. Which dog do you prefer? Please let me know.. I don’t know which one to choose.


Answer #1

Ohhh thanks guys!! the total of votes for border collie is 4 or 5. And the vote for Aussie is either 1 or 0.. Im not sure. Samo, thanks for posting your advice, but which one are you saying you prefer?

Answer #2

I know somebody with an aussie and they are very cute and loving, but collies are cute, too.

Answer #3

border collies are my fav they are both great breeds of dogs but I like border collies best ,have fun with your new dog btw :)

Answer #4

is get a collie because they seem cuter thn aussie to me

Answer #5

Okk! Thanks, katgores. And thanks phrannie and yes and im going to provide everything my new puppy needs. If it helps, My family just bought a new house and its got a gigantic pool and an even bigger backyard. Ohh and the house is like 3,000 square feet. (:

Phrannie: If you were to get either a Border collie or an Aussie which would you get?

Answer #6

Generally speaking, they are very similar…very hard working, very active, very smart…if you’re up to the task, then you’ll be fine with either.


Answer #7

Aww they’re both so cute. That would be a hard choice for me too. But I’d say get a border collie. I’ve met a border collie before and they are so sweet.

Answer #8

border collie

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