What breed of dog to get

I have had a dog my whole life. She recently died. At the end of the summer, we plan on getting a new dog. What breed should we get. We want something relativly small. What breed is small, friendly, good with kinds, and calm? Also, if anybody has any name suggestions, that would be great!

Answer #1

There are many smaller breeds that fit your description…you can read up on them here, and get an idea of what you’re looking for…


Answer #2

get a cocker spaniel. their really good friends, cute, and their laid back. they wont bark all the time and annoy the hell out of you. haha, I have one…their awesome!

Answer #3

a chihuahua =], I have 2 and there nawt mean at all like some people say they are, their protective and love 2 cuddle with the owners. I really think you’ll love chihuahua’s :) and as 4 names it depends if you want a boy or a girl .

Answer #4

Adopt! There’s thousands of dogs out there who are being killed every day because they dont have homes.

Answer #5

I think you should get a border collie they are the best dogs in the whole world they love kids they like to run and play and they really like the water they are really smart and it is really easy to train them my border collie just had puppies yesterday they are so pretty…

Answer #6

A pomeranian :)

Answer #7

Small dog that’s calm?? That’s funny. Do get a dog from a shelter, but don’t judge it’s personality there- they get no exercise usually and are stressed- most either shut down or bark a lot, so don’t assume his personality will be like what you see. Ask the shelter workers about the dogs to help you get what you are looking for- they see them during more quiet time.

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