Should I convert to Muslim for love?

I come here Malaysia for work. But I fall in love with one of Muslim girl . I’m Buddha, should I covert Muslim? My mom also can accept that one. I only have my lovely mom. I always care my mom after I convert that she will hate me or not? How you all think.?

Answer #1

No.Do not convert just for some love for a girl.I mean,you ought to convert for the lvoe of the RELIGION.It just means you never valued your old religion-how will you value your new one if you threw your last on e away just like THAT? P.s-I have seen some VERY Anti-Muslim comments around here and he NEVER mentioned that his girlfriend is FORCING him to become a Muslim.WHY you crazy westeners have these disilusions(basicly caused by your western media)I do not know.neither do I care.

Answer #2

you shoudlt convert for anyone, if your girlfriend is forcing you to become a muslim than that means she doesnt love, becuase of she did then she would love you as you are and not by your religion. so I think its a wrong choice to convert into a muslim so dont do it unless you really want too but dont

Answer #3

your intention is not correct changing your religion. Love is emtional will change as time passed. but religion is very personnel and attached to you inside. if you really want to change your religion then study the religion and try to understand. if you understand will help you in your future life. islam is very nice religion and should study it first. good luck amssyd9 .

Answer #4

Talk to both about how your feeling and tell them what you want to do, and because they both love you, they will understand and respect your decision.

Answer #5

Don’t become Muslim because for your girlfriend, become a Muslim when you really want it. Then everything will be easy.

Answer #6

Your intention is incorrect actually. I hope your girlfriend can guide you through this as much as she should.

Live well and give both ladies the best of your love and you’ll lose nothing.

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