What is the one question you get tired of people asking you?

Mine is how old are you because im 17 but I look 13 or 14 whats yours??

Answer #1

There’s a few I get annoyed with -

1, How old are you? - I’ll be 18 in less than 2 weeks and everyone swears I look way younger.

  1. How much do you weigh? Why is your figure so good? - I’ve never really been one to gain weight. I can eat whatever I want and not get fat. I guess I’m just lucky.

  2. Is your hair natural? What do you do to it each day? - Yes, it’s 100% natural. I’ve never dyed it. I do nothing to it. All I do is brush it each day when I wake up.

  3. Do you wear contacts? - For the 200th time - NO! My eyes are their natural color… I’ve never wore contacts.

  4. Why don’t you like insert a certain food I don’t eat here? - Obviously because I don’t like it. We all eat different things, so does it honestly matter? I don’t feel I owe you an explaination as to why I don’t eat a certain food.

Answer #2

“How tall are you”? followed by a comment on how I’m so much taller compared to adult men and women. (I’m around 5’11-6’0 and fifteen) “How old are you”? because people gawk at me when they see me acting immature due to the fact I’m tall, thus they assume I’m much older than I am.

Answer #3

These are just a couple I came up with :

  • Where’s your dad? - my dad died when I was 5

  • What grade are you in now? - Still in highschool

  • Do you have a boyfriend? - yes I do

Heres one I hate the most…

  • Alli, why do you have such a big butt for a white girl? - I absolutely hate that question.. what am I suppose to say?

but I am a white girl that has more curves than other white girls. I love my curves dont get my wrong but do they really have to ask me such a question?

just though I would share some of those questions that get on my nerves.

Answer #4

me 2 people ask me the same thing and if im a freshmen!!!because I still have my babyface and im 17 it gets irritatiing

Answer #5

UGH!!@!!! the “how old are you just makes me flip off! and also like in school the teachers when I act out keep asking me” is somethign going on we need to know about” UGH

Answer #6

( I’ve heard this question before) mine is am I a bsketball or volleyball player (come on people I know im tll but come on)

Answer #7

people like to randomly ask my breast size, its very weird…

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