I keep getting asked a weird question.

Okay, it’s not that weird, but everyday, my friend asks me how did I sleep. Is that weird? Or am I just weird for thinking that it’s weird?

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s wierd unless they’re bein’ all freaky and sayin’ stuff like “how’d you sleep last because you could have probably slept better with me.”– yeah I came up with that on the spot but other than that it’s not wierd.

Answer #2

my friends ask me that sometimes that too! I guess they are bored or something and they need something to talk about!?

Answer #3

its not weird at all. I ask my friends how they slept, every day. its not ment to be weird, its more to start a conversation, and they maybe wan2 know, did you sleep good? bad? ya know. I find it normal.

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