Do you feel that you always get what you ask for?

I don’t mean literally and would like some viewpoints on how you would interpret the above. I know I’m asking tons of questions tonight, but I’m in a thinking mode. I was thinking that people who spend all their life looking for one thing, often gets it, but to their own detriment. What do you think. I apologize for not elaborating too much, but this is kind of philosophical and I would like different viewpoints of people please.

Answer #1

I believe that you do not always get what you want, however, a lot of times you do… if you do all of the right things to make it happen. It doesn’t just come to you most of the time.

Some people go through life, doing nothing but good… and still do not get what they want.

Life’s not fair, nor perfect.

Answer #2

No…You only get what’s reasonable for yourself and then it depends how hard you work at it.

Everybody is different and different things work for different people find what work for you and keep doing it.

Answer #3

People think that it would be great to get everything that you want, but sometimes it dosent feel right if you havent earned it.

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