What is the normal age to hit puberty?

Mmk so im a chick and im 13 and havnt hit peuberty yet but im developed I have breasts some bigger than girls that have hit peuberty I discharge and im 5’1’ and my moms 5’3’ all of my friends think I have but I havnt and its kinda worring and its unconfertable when I think at any second I could bleed through and btw I’ve been discharging for about a yr… So I don’t know

Answer #1

you are probably 3/4 of the way there with all the height changes and big breasts. when you get your period, ull be there. your hips become wider and your breasts will keep growing. if you already have armpit hair, then I am so sure that your period should be coming soon because it sounds like your really close to being there. but, on the other hand, dont freak out if your period doesnt come soon at all. everyones different :) I got mine when I was almost twelve but my friend had to wait until she was almost 18.

Answer #2

you have hit puberty puberty is defined as when you start to devlop not when everything has developed you alreday have some boobs and discharge, and probably pubes and armpit hair too this is all a part of puberty as is your hips getting a bit wider and you gaining weight your period will come in time everyone developes at different rates so whats normal for your friends is not normal for you just be patient and wait, it should come soon

Answer #3

The word ‘puberty’ for a girl just means becoming a woman, To be going through puberty, you don’t have to have your period. Growing body hair and breasts are part of it too. So you most likely ARE in puberty, you just haven’t gone all the way through it yet which is totally normal for your age. Not everybody does things in the same order, you might know a girl who has her period but no boobs whatsoever.

Answer #4

Everyone is different. I starte puberty around the age of 11. If you are devepoing breats, then you soon will get your period. And you probably have hit puberty. And trust me, getting your period sucks! you tihkn its cool at first, but now that I look back, I wish I never ever get my period. just be open with your friends about it. And dont worry about bleeding through. the first time you usually get it, it only is spotting. and you will probably get horrible cramps. well I do, everyones different!

hope this helps(:

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