do you know if you hit puberty or not?

how do you know if you hit puberty or not?

Answer #1

I’m a boy I have fuzz above my lip

Answer #2

For girls, it’s when you get your first menstrual period. Your periods will probably be irregular to begin with, but it’s the first one that counts as the start of puberty. By the way, there are BIG variations in age, so even if your girlfriends have reached puberty and you haven’t, that’s no cause to worry. OK?

Answer #3

As hormone levels start to shift and rise you will begin to notice a white creamy discharge in your panties. You begin into puberty when you start to develop hair in the genital area and under your arm pit. Your breast buds will begin to form— your breasts become tender to touch or pretty much anything that grazes them. Under the nipple of both breasts you may feel like a hard knot—dont worry, these are the breast buds and that is normal. About a year after your breast buds foRm and may begin to grow some you should have your first period—which is called menarche, after that period from then on is called menstruation and ends the process of starting into puberty. If any or all of this has happened to you—welcome!! [÷:

Answer #4

You do not start puberty when you get your first period- puberty starts way before then. As soon as you are growing pubic hair, armpit hair, generally more hair growth, you have started to get a white discharge in your knickers, you feel moody quite a lot (this is the hormones- horrible things), you usually get spots or your complexion worsens, breasts will grow and may feel tender, nipples will darken in coulor.

Answer #5

wouldn’t it start for girls if your pits started to stink even if you took showers so you had to use deoterant. because that happened to me before the menstrual thing.

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