confused about hitting puberty

ok I have been 13 for a few weeks and am just starting to hit puberty the hair on my legs and arms is growing longer and black also im starting to get hair down there. but I have a consern. I like to beat it but I only cum a little bit in the beginning and after stroking for a little while I start to like get tired or shake or something its hard to explian. I think if I had already finished puberty that would be the point that I cum a lot or does the cum at the start increace?. please help me as im just a confused teen thanks a lot anybody who helps me Chris.

Answer #1

guess what? my cousins name is chris and and and and and hes 13!! but he doesn’t skate.

Answer #2

How do you know if you have a lot or a little cum? Do you compare it to your friends? I am not trying to be a jerk but what is your point of reference to how much is normal? A porno movie? Normal is different for everybody. Plus if you are whacking off every day you will have less then if you are whacking off once a week or once a month because it stores up over time. Don't compare your self to anyone else and you will be a lot happier.

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