does every boy start puberty at age 14 or do some start earlier?

does every boy start puberty at age 14 or do some start earlyer or later?

Answer #1

ok im 16 and I got some hair but not loads it is taing so long wehat does this mean?

Answer #2

Whoa on average boys start puberty at 11 - 12 infact if a boy hasnt started puberty by 14 it is considered delayed puberty. The first physical signs of puberty for boys is usually in argment in testicles

Answer #3

every one is different but most almost every guys voice starts to change at 14 at my school (but thats not onset odds are they start growing at like 12) I do know one 12 year old

P.S. voice change is the most notaceable part of puberty so get ready for a stupid nickname like squeaky(AKA squeak),squerle boy, or alvin

Answer #4

Well im a girl and I have just got pubic hairs and im 11 but boy’s usually start later and its nt a exact age it’s just like kinda diffrent because our bodies start diffrent

Hope this helps xx

Answer #5

boys ushilly go threw it at 12 years old or it can be as late as 15 but if you do start puberty at 15 I sugest you see a doctor

Answer #6

i hit my puberty at 11 and i know some kids who just hit it at like 14 and one that just hit puberty at 15. So don’t worry it can happen anytime. But make sure that if it isn’t happening you go and talk to a doctor so they can check you out and see what is wrong

Answer #7

some guys start earlier some start later! It all depends cause i am in 7th grade and this guy started in front of everyone!!!! He is only 13!!!PRETTY EMBARASING FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #8

Boys can start the change as early as 11 years old.

Answer #9

some start earlier duh my sister started when she was 8

Answer #10

all over the place man. dont expect it at any given time

Answer #11

I’ve not started yet and im 14 what should I do

Answer #12

The normal range is 11-14 for boys to start puberty. A boy who shows no signs of puberty by 14 see a doctor to rule out medical conditions that can delay the onset of puberty.

Answer #13

oh yeah, and it can be later than 14 but by that age things should definently be happening as far as change

Answer #14

earlier or later. girls can start earlier or later so i cant understand why guys would not

Answer #15

I started puberty at the age of 12. and im 15 now. if yu havent hit puberty by 15 see yur doctor. yur voice will change and yull get hair and yull start to pube outt a lot. everyone goes through it.

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