Normal age for period to start?

I havent started my period yet!! my mom said she started hers at 11 but I havent started it! does this mean theres something wrong with me?or am I just being stupid?

Answer #1

without your age its hard to tell if its normal however the average age to get a period is around 13 but many people get it either before or after as young as 10 to as old as 18 even when you get to about age 16-17 and it hasnt come then you should go to the doctor so he can check if eveything is okay

Answer #2

every person starts at different ages it doesnt really matter. It really depends on how develooped you are elsewhere. I started when I was 14, but my mum statred when she was 9. Dont worry about it, it will happen sometime. But if your really worried, talk to your GP or doctor.

Answer #3

there isnt a normal age to start I started at 10 lool its different for everyone anyways count urself lucky you havent started yet it can be very annoying not to mention the PMT

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