Pull out method

I have been using the pull out method with my boyfriend and my period was due today. It is VERY light with a pink/nude colored discharge. Should I freak out if it doesn’t come by tomorrow? I’m not bloated at all when I usually do by this time with heavy bleeding and I’ve been cramping for no reason for the past 2 weeks… Help!

Answer #1

I’ve been on pretty much every type of birth control and all of them I have had adverse reactions to them.

…uh huh… and what was your ‘adverse reaction’ to condoms?

Answer #2

They make condoms out of ‘’polyurethane’’ too, you know… and lambskin…

Answer #3

at your age you should know a little more about sex and the women’s body. First if you are going to use a method other then some sort of over the counter birth control, you should NOT only use the “pull out method” but also know when you ovulate. And remember, sperm can live in the female body for 3-4 days. This means you may not ovulate until the 13th of the month but if you have sex on the 10th and ONE LITTLE ITTY BITTY sperm makes it, it will fertilize your egg when it makes its journery. YOUR methond along with any birth control is NOT 100 %effective. I am now 36 weeks pregnant.

Answer #4

How many types of birth controls have you tried. There are COUNTLESS.

You DO KNOW that the pull out method is NOT a form of birth control because pre-cum contains sperm right?

So you could very well be pregnant.

Take a pregnancy test, now would be a right time to take one.

Answer #5

ANYTHING could happen… and like I said the pull out method doesnt always work and your chances of being pregnant are very high higher then you not being pregnant the only thing you can do now is wait… and be patient and take that test in 2-3 weeks or go have a blood test done by a doctor then why not use a condom… why take those chances if you dont want to get pregnant…? do you have reactions to condoms?

Answer #6

aw hun, use yourself a condom or get on birth control pills if you and your boy are haveing sex a lot because the pull out method DOES NOT always work you can indeed be and get pregnant theres that chance of pre-cum something guys arent able to hold back pre-cum has just enough in it to get you pregnant… wait up to 2-3 weeks before takeing a test, because it will come out false negative if you try to take it before… but always use protection, theres to many chances… for you not to.

Answer #7

I’ve been on pretty much every type of birth control and all of them I have had adverse reactions to them. The pullout method is the only one that has no effect on me and doesn’t make me feel like a lab rat. I try not to have sex on my most fertile days by using an ovulation calendar and has worked so far so I don’t know why my period is acting up now.

Answer #8

I’ve been using it for the past 8 months and nothing has happened so far knock on wood. My guy is good with controlling himself that’s why I’m starting to freak out.

Answer #9

Take a test, also if its positive then go to the doctor or a womans clinic and get a test done there. Don’t use the pull out method. Men pre cum. Its not safe, even if you think it is.

Answer #10

some women have reaction to Latex…

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