What is heavier?

200lbs of papers vs 200lbs of metals

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lol. I think their will be lots more paper than metal. metal is very dense and there for not much massive material needed. paper is thin and light. lots of paper will be needed for 200lbs. so mcfuson it would be paper for massiveness.

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200 lbs is 200 lbs. They would weigh the same. However the metals would be more massive as they are larger than papers

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Are you serious with this question??

mmm...let me think...

If a guy and a girl are both 6 feet, then the guy will be taller, because well...he is a guy... :o

200 pounds = 200 pounds.

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thats a tough one
imma go on a stretch here, and say they are both the same weight

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The metal would feel heavier because of the density and so on

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200 pounds is 200 pounds. It's the same. :)

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LOL. mostly with out thinking people would say metal. lol.

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I had to come back here to seee the responces... and I got my laugh for the day
ahhaa ^^^

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