do u guys think that ots OK to bully ppl!?

..from my point of view i think it rude and onlyy for ppl that need to get a life!..i didnt think it was bad untill THE DAY!…mii buddy and i went on the bus and then a guy just stood up and called her pizza face!…she has acne problems=\..she bursted out in tears…then i realized that someone has to put an end to the bullying problem…just a couple dayz ago A 9 yr odl commited sucicide cuz kids AT A CATHOLIC skool made fun of her cuz she was fat!…thats messed up=(

Answer #1

Anyone who feels bullying is ok should be put in a psych ward.

Answer #2

I don’t think it’s OK to do it, to want to hurt someone else to make you feel good? Nah, no matter how I look at it, it will never seem right to me. Unless it’s like just playfully teasing a sibling, that’s just sibling rivalry. Me and my brother wind each other up every day. Me and my friends will do that too but I guess that’s not the same.

Answer #3

Absolutely not under no circumstance…i dont care what the issues are or what other people say…it is NOT ok to bully anyone for any reason at all!

Answer #4

People who bully others are insecure and ignorant. I find that them very sad and pity them. If you have to go that low to exercise some sort of authority or build confidence, then you must not have much love or get much attention.

Answer #5

theres a thin line between bullying and toughning up, what are teachers do to us could be classed as bullying but we take it as toughning up.

Answer #6

toughening up is when you teach your child to stand up for what they believe in using words based on facts…but when you just pick on a child because they look, dress or speak differently that is called bullying…and that is the difference…

You dont pick on a child that may have a few acne as mentioned below just to get a laugh from the whole class or buss or w/e… You dont pick on a child that may dress better because their family is well off wear other families may not as well off so you condem that child for pure jealousy… You dont pick on a child that looks a bit heavier then the rest just to make yourself feel more secure that your nicely built & they may have to shed a few pounds… You dont pick on a child just because their color of their skin is different then yours is, or because they practice a different religion then you do. You dont have to pick on a child that may be more in touch with their faminine side or the opposite more tomboyish just because you can….That is what I consider BULLYING!

I dont mean to offend anyone, but that is just the way i see things…live & let live…srry if it offended anyone to be so straight fwd!

Answer #7

haha, what uve just listed is what are teachers are like, the worlds a bi.tch, we just gotta get out there.

Answer #8

LOL…maybe give the teachers a bit of their own medicine…then they wonder why no one has any respect for anyone now a days huh?!

Answer #9

oh, we give as much as we get, today one of my teachers made a joke about me being scouse, so i just gave him grief for the rest of the lesson:D

Answer #10

Its not ok but its inevitable kids will be kids, hell even adults bully other adults sad to say but I think its just human nature… You know what they say there’s no such thing as good or bad, just victims and survivors– kk no one says that its just a personal theory

Answer #11

LOL, all i have to say about is what the f happened to mutual respect?! I am so glad I never had the desire to become a teacher…

Answer #12

that is why they came up with “ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!” :P

Answer #13

oh no, theres always respect, we never go too far, but some of the jokes are funny, even if they are about u:D

Answer #14

Never. Ive been bullied before and its not fun. I wouldnt wish it on anyone. Its wrong. And usually after someone gets bullied that person goes one to bully someone else to feel better. But in the long run you just feel bad.

Answer #15

Kids, teens, and even adults can be mean and cruel. Its just who they are. Some will grow up and be immature, some won’t. Best to just ignore them. Bullying isn’t right. Although when your very young like in elementary school kids don’t realize how mean they are. I’m a sophomore in highschool and we STILL get assamballys about bullying. Kids are stupid and immature.

Answer #16

:) as long as you are having fun in class & staying in school, i guess what ever works for ya…

but I still have to say i am against all that bullying!

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