What do people think of child support?

Men are generally required to pay child support (in the U.S.) when they are not with the mother of their child. However, they appear to have fewer rights as far as the child is concerned. They dont have any say in whether a woman has an abortion or not. They tend to be the losers in custody battles. And if a woman lies to them and says she’s on birth control, they may end up becoming fathers unintentionally. On the other hand, the courts are looking into the best interest of the child, and there are a lot of single mothers who live in poverty. What do you think of men having to pay child support?

Answer #1

I think Men paying child support is tottaly faair ! As long as they knew they wer having a baby or exepted that they wer having one … But when the women lie aboput birth control and the father did not want a baby and she knows that… then I think it is her fault so why should he pay ?? There is deff. 2 ssides !

Answer #2

This totally needs a story because I think some women don’t deserave to get money from the father.

Answer #3

Another question: If the child lives with the father, does the woman pay child support? I personally have never heard of that happening.

Women do tend to have nearly all the rights when it comes to children. Even when they share custody, the man is far more likely to only have the child(ren) on weekends.

Then there’s the whole women-can-lie-about-birth-control-to-trick-you-into-fathering-her-baby-thing. Although that’s TERRIBLY wrong, lots of women get pregnant without THEIR consent through rape. So I guess it’s a pretty even game in that aspect.

All in all, women are getting paid less for having the same exact job as a man. They’re degraded in the media and certain music. I suppose this is society’s way of covering their a**

Answer #4

My dad had to pay for a long time…long story :)

I don’t think the system works for the best interests of the child…and, being a “victim” of the system, well, it has flaws. But, my parents worked out a deal, together, rather than going through the court system.

If they had, he would have been obligated to pay more…but, my parents get along better than most divorced couples I’ve met, so, I don’t know that would have been in my best interest (or my brothers) either.

To me…well, you can’t have a blanket rule. Families, relationships…well, I’ve yet to see another couple that works exactly the same as my wife and I. Does that mean our relationship isn’t good? Or is it somehow better? Nah.

Same with kids and post separation support. The foundation of the law is that the guy is the breadwinner, therefore, he can’t fertilize the field and bounce…he has to tend the crops he yeilded lol. Carte blanche giving women a check, for 18 years, every month because she lied and said, “I’m on the pill” ain’t right either.

Answer #5

Women do sometimes pay child support when the father gets custody and the woman has more resources.

Reproductive fraud is always a danger. When someone claims that they are infertile or on birth control when they aren’t they are tricking their partner into parenting a child. The long and short is not to have unprotected sex with anyone you aren’t in a long term relationship with and who you don’t trust completely. Moreover, birth control isn’t 100% so you should keep that in mind; if you really don’t want to have kids consider combining more than one form of birth control for more security.

Answer #6

I think its fair also its not just women who can lie there are some men out there who dont care about if the girl gets pregnant or not if a man got a girl pregnant and didnt have to do or pay anything, the woman would be left alone with a baby the guy will most likley not want to be with her and it can make it hard for her to find someone when she already has a kids shes also left with a kid and will be unale to work for a while making it extreemly hard for her to support it alone so if she keeps the baby its only fair that the man has to pay to help support it after all, it takes a man and a woman to make a baby so its his responsibility to take care of it as well, even if he doesnt want it also a lot of men do have a say on wether they want a baby or not, they can talk to the girl/there partner and discuss what would be the best option and help influence her decision

Answer #7

The law in the U.S. regarding child support based on your question appears to be similar to Australia’s.

I am in two minds on this hot topic.

Men should pay child support if they fathered a child with a woman and if he happens to be the sole ‘bread provider’ before the relationships ends, then, YES, it would be reasonable for the woman to seek full financial assistance, otherwise she would be worse off without him…EG: stay at home mums.

On the other hand, I am very against women who ‘milk’ a guy dry because she is able to get as much child support payments as she can from him, due to the fact he has money or has the earning capacity…Take for example, a guy who works offsite at the mines (outback - country), his wife or girlfriend stays behind in the metropolitan (city) and she has a baby, but it’s not his, how would the guy know for sure unless he demands a DNA test. (relationship ruins if the kids was his hahahaaa).

In Australia, child support is calculated based on one’s wages, so if a guy was to earn more, he then has to pay more and that is why some guys (not all) rather quit their jobs then to fund the lifestyles of their Ex-partner and her new boyfriend / husband’s holiday trips, car, etc etc.

Regardless who pays the child support, whether its the man or the working career woman, they should also have 100% say (rights) in deciding how a child should be raised, what school the kid should attend, where the kid should live etc.

I believe the current court system should start thinking about giving full custodial to dads instead of mums all the times, as I am sure there are dads out there who are capable of maintaining a healthy balanced work and family life and do bring up good, smart, nice and well mannered kids, who become outstanding teenagers and young adults.

Answer #8

Honestly, Judges do lean more towards the mother, BUT if you can prove 100% that the mother or the father is unfit the judge will decide with the parent who they feel is more stable. I don’t think Judges intentionally pick on Fathers, and I honestly think times have changed to the point were it can go either way, mother’s are not favored anymore. My boyfriend and I won a custody battle last year for his son and we proved to the judge that his biological mother was unfit. She told lies said he was a drug user and come to find out when they both had to pee my boyfriend was 100% clean and she was pregnant and failed for prescription drugs and said they were prescribed and the judge looked into it and it was a lie, and she lost BIG time. We personally don’t ask for child support because we know she doesn’t work and we know it’s a waste of our time, fortunately we can provide for ourselves and his son without her damn child support. Also one more thing, everytime a girl gets pregnant doesn’t mean she did it on purpose, and PLENTY of people get pregnant on birth control and even guys pregnant woman after they have had a visectomy. Condoms, birth control, pull out method, and surgery are not 100% effective means to prevent pregnancy. I mean guys are grown men they should know how to have protected sex and they can’t blame the girl everytime when it takes two, and that’s probably why it doesn’t matter to the judge how the woman got preg. if the test prove he’s yours then you are responsible.

Answer #9

Wow this is a tough question…

Not having a say on whether a women should have an abortion or not is kinda tricky. I feel it should be left like that, influencing a choice or pressuring a women into something isn’t the right thing to do. Unless I’m getting this part of the question wrong, sorry :(

As for the custody battles, thats what sucks. The court is usually leaning towards the best interest of the child, meaning that the mother is usually going to get the child. Men according to societies standards are the ones that work outside of the home and bring home the cash etc, while women on the other hand are at home taking care of the children and doing all the house work. I’m not sure if this is true or not but its common around where I live. The courts themselves lean towards the parent that seems to be the more responsible and usually convincing one. The mother is usually the one to fit under those standards. It happened like that with my little sister, my mom worked long and hard trying to get custody over my little sister from her dad. Theres a lot of things that come into play, if you take my family in particular. My little sister has two siblings me and my older sister. I’m not sure if that can have any effect on her (which I’m pretty sure it does but I can’t hold that as fact) but its something to consider. I am pretty sure that the courts always lean to the more responsible parent and it just so happens that it commonly is women. What bothers me though, is guys that really want to be a father and the fact that they don’t get custody over the child is disappointing but then again the father is probably looking for the best interest in the child, its an insinuation so you can disagree with me on that.

As for the birth control, thats leaning to the idea that the mother is using the child to hack money out of the father. Then again, you have women that are insanely desperate to have a child to raise on their own. That just adds to the dilemma. I’m not sure what to make of the unintentional father but his best bet is to take responsibility of the whole situation and try to work something out with the girl he got pregnant.

Pertaining to the single mothers that live in poverty. Its true, this can’t be ignored and the fathers that usually could better the situation are gone with the wind. I am sure though that the mothers also want the best for their child. Its not like most of these single mothers are sometimes well educated. Due to the negative views that still go on today women still can’t get the job that they want because men have controlled certain work aspects.

It would help if the father did help out with the poverty issue, a single parent doesn’t have much success all on their own. It takes two parents to raise a child from what I believe. I personally feel that men should pay child support, its sounds reasonable as the parent left in charge is doing the much larger aspect of the caring. All the father has to do is put in some money and his part of the deal is done. I’m not sure if this helped much but I tried ty :)

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