What causes panic or anxiety attacks?

What causes panic or anxiety attacks? How often do they happne?

Answer #1

it depends on the person I used to have panic attacks daily, never figured out the underlying reason why either. eventually you may grow out of them. I’d go to a doctor and talk to them about it, they will most likely give you something to take if you have a panic attack and will recomend counseling.

Answer #2

stress usually triggers most panick/anxiety attacks.

it depends on the person and what their stress level is at the time. I have had quite a few. and a big one a couple of months ago.

Answer #3

A panic attack is a sudden urge of overwhelming(sp) fear. You feel dizzy or whozzy and sick to your tummy. You may even feel like you’re dying or going crazy or gunna pass out.

In most cases, panic attacks come out of nowhere without any warning. Often, there is no clear reason for the attack.

It could come from also panic disordesr, social phobias, or depression or other phobias/states.

We just talked about this in health last week it kinda scared me :(

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