Are my pains caused by anxiety?

Around February this year I had really bad pains in my right lung that would throb whenever I inhaled deeply or exhale slowly. I went to the doctors and to the hospital about it because the pain worsened over time. The hospital reckoned it was a chest infection and gave me pills to clear it up. After a week the pain went away.

But I’m noticing that every now and then I’m experiencing the lung pains. It occurs a few times and then goes away. I just ignored it though.

The other day I had a panic attack enduced by the pains that I had been feeling all day. My college phoned for paramedics and they checked me over three times. They checked my pulse, blood pressure, blood, oxygen intake, lungs, and even my legs! But they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. My doctor didn’t understand what was wrong with me either, back in February when the pains started. The paramedics suggested I should go back to my doctor to investigate. They also said the pains could be brought on by anxiety or stress.

And I don’t know if they’re right. I mean, the other day I was on the bus thinking about college (I still get a bit nervous about going) and the lung pains came back.

I just feel really helpless because nobody seems to know the real cause of these pains. :(

Answer #1

Are you on Any kind of Anxiety Medications Or Panic Attacks? If your finding these Pains come with your Panisc attacks, try going on a Medication thatll relieve your panic attacks, and maybe the pains will go away,too? :]

Answer #2

I suffer from anxiety disorder and its really hard to deal with, just remember the first step to helping urself out when u feel a panic attack coming on is to calm your self right away and thats by breathing inhaling and exhaling deep breaths for at least a min but slowly to calm urself down, and know that u are just taking a test or going to a class thats its totally normal and to be calm so u dont get over worked on thinking to much at one time , I hope this helps:)

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