What caused elvis presley's death?

I wanna know this all of a sudden for some strange reason…dsa dasasd .ads .as d.ads . As.asd .ads .asd .da s. Ads.asd .s ad. Ads.a sd so how did he die

Answer #1

drug overdose. there are pill bottles that where prescribed to him the day of his death that were sold at some news auction a few months ago.

Answer #2

“The king” died while taking a dump. Obesity, fat food, drugs, and to be honest, I don’t think it helped much that he was so full of himself in the end either. He basically lived like he thought he WAS the king, and that nothing could kill him. But he was wrong.

Answer #3

Basically, drug overdose, heart problems, obesity. :)

Answer #4

yeah same and then you have conspiracy theroies 2

Answer #5

I herd he died on the toilet of a deug over-dose.

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