Celebrity death

Which celebrity death would leave you the most devistated? For me, Orlando Bloom.

Answer #1

David Duchovny :(

Answer #2

Heath ledgers death was so sad. But I dont get so upset with celebrity deaths because its not personal. X x

Answer #3

For me, it was Michael Jackson :( R.I.P

Answer #4


Answer #5

Marilyn Manson

Answer #6

Jim Carrey :(

Answer #7

Nick Jonas . Like really . Not joking .

Answer #8

I..I honestly don’t know. Too many I guess? Its weird…when they’re gone its like, some part of your life is over. At least thats how it is here, in my heart. When Heath Ledger died I was devistated…and I didn’t know I was going to be…cried really hard.

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