Elvis presley

My husband wants to know if he is stillalive? we all know this is not true, but he was asking me about these questions on here and wondered if any body has ever asked this question? Lol

Answer #1

H wouldn’t be too old, he would only be in his 70’s if he was still alive. He was born in 1935.

Although, I do not think that he is still alive. He was a drug addict who had done so much damage to his body. I believe he either died when they said he did, or he ended up dieing later on anyways.

Answer #2

yeh but the way he was going, he balooned and took drugs- if he kept on going on like that I doubt he’d be alive now!

Answer #3

he wouldn’t be to old..he was born in 1935..my nan was born before then and shes still alive..O_o

Answer #4

theres a conspiracy that he never died when people said he did and even if that was true he wouldnt be alive now. he would be too old and long dead EVEN if he didnt die all those years ago

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