How do you make money from someone's death?

When Steve Jobs died I was in a chat window with someone and I heard a guy mentioned he made a little money from his death? How does that happen?

Answer #1

He’s dead. What use does he have for money? That’s a ridiculous thing for them to say. Of course, Apple made “a little money” from Steve Jobs dying.

Answer #2

publicity, and share-holding.

Answer #3

i think the person who was in the chat room made money from steve jobs death

Answer #4

Perhaps he placed bets on when Jobs would die? . I think it’s morbid and offensive that anyone would even boast about making money from someone’s death.

Answer #5

Dead people don’t keep it what would they use it on? Their dead they usually give it to the family

Answer #6

More then likely it was through stock holdings or a bet. Some people just don’t have a moral fiber in their body when it comes to money. Cold body+ cold cash= cold hearts

Answer #7

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