What do you think of the movie "death Race"?

Well I just saw the movie Death Race I loved it! It was action packed and awsom.:)…What do you think of it?..:)

Answer #1

great movie. if ya liked that you should try GAMER with gerald butler. it is similary based. just no car racing

Answer #2


Answer #3

The story was so so but Jason Statham was hot. ;) LOL!

Answer #4

I usually like action films, guns, bombs, fights and prison movies… but the movie was just okay for me. a little too typical but okay to pass the time.


Answer #5

I only saw parts with my friend he said that it was amazing so I tried to watch it but it didnt really go so good well thats kinda his falt but the parts that I did see were pretty good

its like all action :D

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