Rumors around Elvis' death

How did Elvis really died? and what are the rumors surrounding it? I’ve always been confused about this

Answer #1

Coroner Dr. Joseph Davis declared: “There is nothing in any of the data that supports a death from drugs [I.e. drug overdose]. In fact, everything points to a sudden, violent heart attack.” However, there is little doubt that long-term drug abuse caused his premature death.

Answer #2

just a fun fact, did you know that Elvis was a twin? He had a twin brother that was stillborn.

Answer #3

they say hes alive because his music still last in their hearts. he died because OF ACCIDENTALLY to much drugs.he did not take an overdose of the drugs on purpose. the drugs were for staying awake at day and sleeping at night and he got so famous he was taking so much that it destroyed his body.

Answer #4

yuppers, they say, in his movie biography, that he was in the bathroom, taking pills (drugs) and overdosed, that’s where they found him. I don’t know why elvis sightings are so common, but I don’t know, I don’t know why some say he’s still alive either…

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