what can I do to feel better about my self?

I am a female I am 18 years old since I became a teenager I have notice that I have really low self-esteem and little are no confidence… I trieed every thing to change the way I feel about my self but in the back of my head the its still there…I dont think am that tall but people think I am so am very sensitive/selfconcious towards my height…which is juss 5ft 7inches… ii wear heels but I am often scared..because of what people might say…I get a lot of compliment of how beautiful and attractive I am but I still feel the same way about my self… is this turning into depression because sometimes I cant sleep…oor eat …should I get professional help…what should I do xxx

Answer #1

dancing to music that makes you feel beautiful, sexy or whatever you want really helps, at least for me good luck :)

Answer #2

Do some things that make you feel better about yourself, maybe take a day out every once in a while. Start exercising, it really does help. If you think you may have a serious problem, talking to a doctor might be a good idea.

Answer #3

I suggest horseback riding

I know it sounds crazy, but it really builds up your confidence and self-esteem, trust me, take it from someone who knows and its really fun :)

Answer #4

well im 17.. I felt the same way when I was 15/16.. bc no matter how many people compimented me, or told me I was pretty. I would look around and see way more pretty girls than me. it really lowered my self esteem.. I used to refuse to eat or sleep.

but, I realized that im my own person.. and being depressed about how I LOOK is not going to make me feel any better. just dont be so worried about what other people say.. just do your thing and dont worry about whose eyes are on you or what lips are saying about you..

Answer #5

You are at an age that is just kinda crazy.

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