How can I make myself feel better?

I have a really low self esteem I feel like th ugliest person on earth and that I look like 10 years old. my mom doesnt let me dress older… I get really upset and mad a lot… I write in a journal,but it doesnt help at all. waht should I do to make myself mor attractive,or feel better?…

Answer #1

a lot of people have a low self-esteem but I’m assuming it’s because of all the peer pressure. all those models you see on the magazines and everyone’s trying to be so sexy. and about looking younger than you are… I get that too. it tends to bug me sometimes but we can’t really do anything about it until we get older and mature… with bigger boobs and stuff… don’t worry. some guys love small boobs if you don’t. your mom is probably being overprotective

it’s normal to get upset and angry. a lot just means that you have a lot of probelms you should maybe talk to a counceler about. everyone has their own insecurites. I guess it’s just how you deal with them.

writing stories in a journal should help. but I guess that depends on the person and what they’re writing. writing is like projecting your own emotions or someone elses on one blank piece of paper. weather it be a drawing or painting or writing. I highly recommend you find a hobby you really like and then go for it. it will make you feel better. and don’t try to find away to quit either or you won’t really feel any better. I’m sorry the message is so long but I do hope it’s for a good reason… in other words. I hope I helped.

Answer #2

dont belive that you arent pretty how you feel on the inside afects the outside try earing cool earings and fun necklaces and braclettes to add a little pump to your style bring makeup to school and hide it in your locker so you can were it at school

Answer #3

Make yourself feel better and along the way you may just become more attractive. I get mad a lot too just talk to people like close friends. and take up a hobby or something to distract you.

Answer #4

just love yu fo yu and ask yur mom to freaki let yu grow up and just b happy for yu God made yu that way for a reason theirs nthin yu can do about it don’t waste another day hating yu for yu HOPE DIS ADVICE HELPED ALIL

Answer #5

seems to me that you become what you think. Surround yourself with what you want to become but be careful what you wish for. When I was 15 I surrounded myself with what I wanted to become only to realize later that behavier was kinda douche bag like.

basically you build your own world. Make something of yourself.

Answer #6

thx =)

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