How can I feel better about my appearance?

I’m 17 years old and I feel ugly. I work out all the time, and I have so much strength that no body will mess with me…but I don’t look it. My whole life I’ve been skinny and everyone tells me I look fine, and that I’m really handsome but…I mean I look at those guys that are always taking pictures with their shirts off and stuff and I feel like I’m one tells me that I’m “hot” or “fine” or anything like that. My girlfriend always re-assures me that I look good but…her ex-boyfriend was one of “those” guys…and he still is. She comments on his pictures and stuff (doesn’t tell m, I only found out because I happened to was recent.)that hurts me because I feel physically inferior to him…totally.It makes me feel like I don’t satisfy her physically at all. I mean damn in one picture he has 33 comments. Ukno how much I get? One. if I’m lucky two…and they are always like: “kool” or, “cute..”. I feel worthless sometimes and it’s making me become closed into myself and it’s hurting me. what can I do to feel…better about my looks?

Answer #1

okay you really need a pick up about your self esteem dude. first off this might sound girly, but give your self a pep talk and point things out about your body that you like in the mirror ; “I have nice hair,ummm I like my nose” stuff like that. Then focus on what you CAN do. What subjecs are you good in? Are you really goood at this one game? Do you always win @ monopoly? After all this lets move to your girlfriend. Think of why they broke up. There must have been a reason. Then think of what she tells you about how you look good and stuff.I would totally ignore the pic thing. My one friend says cute or sexy on almost every pic of a guy. If you do bring it up you might break up with her. And ik im like 13 and stuff so im gonna stay out of the whole physical stuff, but I watched animal house when I was 2 so ik what it is. try to mix it up is all im sayin because I dont really know anyways. with your look try eating healthy and before you work out have one of those muscle bars and some milk. this will help build your miscle. get plenty of sleep try to find something or someone that always cheers you up. and try changing up your style. maybe your just bored with how you look. spike your hair buy a completely different shirt than you would buy and wash your face and take good care of your body this will def give you a boost. also you might be feeling down because you dont eat breakfast EAT your BREAKFAST! hope this helps! funmail me if you need a boost! :)

Answer #2

This is honestly gonna sound cheesy, but if people say you look fine, and you have a girlfriend, then obviously your not that bad. If you’re working out and it’s not working, try to eat more protein, that should help build muscles. From personal experience though, if you only focus on one area it’s not gonna work; you have to do full body exercise. Also, join a sport team, that way you’ll gain more confidence. And, honestly, don’t you think skinny is better then fat? Think about that… I think we all know that answer. The best way to make yourself look better in other people’s eyes, is to keep your head up and smile =) It also sounds like you need to talk to your girlfriend about the ex-boyfriend. She should understand how it makes you feel, and if she doesn’t, you might want to re-think your relationship. If your feeling worthless…Funmail me, cause I’d rather keep it personal.

If you ever want to just talk feel free to funmail me. I’m a good listener, and you sound like a good guy. I really hope this helps, Best of luck!

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Answer #3

thank you all for your help, and I mean it. :) I will definetly try everything all of you said, and this is what I needed guys, thankyou!

Answer #4

You don’t need to compare yourself to stupid guys like him. Some people just like how those guys look. Personally, I like guys like that look like you; my boyfriend has the same body type, and I love it. All you have to do is think more positively; there are plenty of people who would think you are cute! Maybe its not you who needs to change, rather the people are you; if your girlfriend is off with her ex, playing up to him, who needs her? You should just be yourself, and move on to better places!

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