How can I feel better about myself?

Some times when I look at myself in the mirror, I think that I’m really ugly and other times I like the way I look. How can I keep myself feeling positive?

Answer #1

that happens to me all the time, and honestly I dont know :/

Answer #2

Your just having one your “off” days. Your down right gorgeous, just like everyone else is saying :)

Answer #3

by the way I don think your ugly☺☺☺

Answer #4

your not ugly and your beautiful.

Answer #5

your beautiful

Answer #6

I think you look ok.

Answer #7

I understand how you feel I felt like that today sometimes I feel pretty and other days I feel ugly I hate looking at myself .

Answer #8

Your stunning, I think you should feel pretty now. Because when I feel down and people tell my I’m pretty I feel pretty :)

Answer #9

You people are so nice!

Answer #10

awww I feel like that a lot too, but we all have our off times. you are so gorgeous though hehe your so lucky! :D so beautiful. ;) just remember its whats inside that matters and you seem very kind. xxx

Answer #11

everyone of us feel that way its normal but dont let it be an on going thing, be thankful for what you have and accept who you are, live your life to the fullest and do your dreams and dont let nobody, I mean it nobody take your self esteem away, remember people can’t make you feel that way unless you let them and this feeling of being ugly, will go away if you, set goals for yourself that you want to achieve, do things that bring you happiness and find the love for yourself within.

Answer #12

just look in the mirror and notice all the things you do like about yourself and what people have complimented on. this always makes me feel better.

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