Activities while babysitting children.

What are some really fun summer activities that you can do with little children while you are babysitting? You cant take them any where, you cant play in water unless the parent is there you can play with side walk chalk but what do you do if there is no sidewalk or an unpaved street? Does anyone know any really good childrens songs but not the ones like the wheels on the bus or anything like that. Like something original or kids poems? Something like lullabys would be nice! Short stories? Ideas for paper bag puppets instead of just a dog or a cat! Things you could draw on paper with markers? Toss the ball back and fourth games? This little kid still needs to think I am interesting so that she can grow up and say “remember my baby sitter? She was so cool!”

Answer #1

depending on how old they r… 1)teach them that they should recycle. have them make toys out of recycled things. 2)cut out magazine pictures of rooms and stuff and paste them on a big sheet of paper adn tell them to design their dream house. 3)as far as song and stuff have a talent show, have props and stuff. have like a round 1 where yall are comedians and round 2 dancing and round 3 singing/rapping… 4) scavenger hunt 5) bake stuff, make jello, easy things… you can make playdough its real easy… 6) depending on if its a girl or boy do cheerleading stuff make up karate moves teach them to tumble I don’t know… all of this stuff will enhance their imigination. you have to play wit them, if you show that your having fun they will too!!! I hope I helped you and good luck…

Answer #2

How old is she? You can always do fingerpainting or regular painting. Or arts and crafts. anything with glue, glitter, or pipe cleaners is fun. Also, oragami is awesome. I had a babysitter that taught me oragami when I was really little and now I do it as a craft with my 7 yr old and he loves it! You can also play board games if she has the attention span. I have a lot ideas but I don’t know how old she is, it sounds like she’s a toddler. Let me know if you want anymore ideas.

Answer #3

I dont know you didnt give me any info and im about to be a babysitter there fore I hate this stupid ugly website dont use it viewers im not emo

Answer #4

well just ask them what they would like to do! and play cops and robbers or if its a raint day play hide & seek. or teach a magic trick and the talent show thing was a very great idea.

Answer #5

well depending how old she is you could paint her nails…let her pick out the color just as long as she doesnt bite it off!!! do some crafts with them…if its a girl use glitter..u could make paper tiaras and put some glitter on the crown she will have lots of fun doing this! you can play princesses with her or something you have to play with them and keep them entertained! hope this helped and good luck!

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