What are the benefits of beliver's(adult) baptism?

I am stuck on my r.e homework And I would just like to know your viewpoints on the benefits of believer’s baptism Answers will be appriciated Thanks, a-j :)

Answer #1

Adult Baptism also signifies the power of choice. to be baptised as a baby means nothing to you if you had no choice or conciousness of the event. To a christian it means so much as Christ was baptised. True christians seek to follow his example. Sin is a terrible and gross thing in the sight of God. It could be likened as something dirty. washing away sins in baptism can be comparted to washing away filth from an object.

Answer #2

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Answer #3

Thankyou Much Apriciated :)

Answer #4

Its an outword proclamation of an inword change. It signifies a brand new start and change of life.

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