Well one of my friends just had a baby and she was thinking about baptism witch she did on her other boy but how does it all work? I hear you have to take a class for it or what not?

Answer #1

Usually it is just one class, which explains the baptismal ceremony and you are able to ask questions. Preperations of the ceremony are discussed here. The preacher or priest will ask parents for certain requirements like finding god parents, and dress code and compensation which is a donation for the service. Any amount is acceptable but be genenerous.

Answer #2

you do have to take a class but what they are doing is making a commitment that they will raise their child in a Godly and by a christian perspective. But it has nothing to do for the child it a commitment being made by the parents.

Answer #3

It all varies from church (denomination) to church. Some denominations have lengthy preparatory procedures, others are almost ‘drive in’.

Really, the only thing to do it to ask the minister or priest in question. They will more than happy to explain!

Answer #4

oh okay thanks I just wanted to know how it all works

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