Do you belive in karma?

do you belive in karma

and why???


Answer #1

no I dont believe in that because a lot of people are mean to people and bad but nothing really bad happens to them. and I have a friend who is so mean to people calling people names all the time sometimes to his friends and well he has a lot of luck people love him no one is mean to him so that why I dont believe in that

Answer #2

what goes around comes around…I believe in karma but sometimes it works in a funny way. like good things happening to bad people etc I believe it’s like a waiting game if you hold out long enough and not stop believeing in it good things will happen

Answer #3

I do. I do cuz if you are kind, others will want to be kind to you also while if your mean, others will act to you like you act to them taht can cause bad things to happen. to me it sorta goes with the golden rule but i think there is a deeper part to it than people’s action also.

Answer #4

yes and no.

I don’t believe in the whole you get what you deserve bit.

But I do believe in bad energies being transfered. For example if you kill something, I believe the bad energy that thing felt in it’s last breath will be transfered to you. Or if you see a beautiful flower, it makes you feel good because of it’s good energies.

I guess that’s kinda like karma.. dunno what you really call it.

xox Sika

Answer #5

no i do not. people get away with doing bad things all the time. they never have to pay for it and they go unpunished. some innocent people have very very bad lives while some horrible and demented people live great lives. theres no justice in that. if karma were real, then everyone would get exactly what they deserve. do you honestly think everyone always gets what they deserve. of course they dont.

Answer #6

What goes around, comes around. Yes you will ( in my view ) reap what you sow. So be good.

Answer #7

Some what because the bible says that you sow what you reap..and vengence is mine is sayeth the lord I shall repay.

Answer #8


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