do you belive in superstitions?

well Happy 2009!!! anyways when I say “superstitions” I mean like New Year ones.. like for example: putting colored undies to attract different feelings.. like: red undies=love, yellow undies=peace,green undies=money,pink undies= strong friendships, white undies=peace, also what about if you want to travel more that you to go running in circles around your frontyard so you can travel more? also if you want a mate/ or want to get married to decorate your christmas tree with wedding accesories? who belives in that? & who, tell me the truth, at least one did one of those stuff? tell me if it worked.. the only thing io have done is the undies thing.. lol ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Answer #1

I don’t believe in superstitions. That includes religions.

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