What age to people start having fine lines?

Is it normal to have fine lines at 17?? mostly from stress. what are the best products to get rid of them? thanks:)

Answer #1

Yes, every time a person smiles, frowns, or do anything facial expressions, the more these action continues, later on as you get older the lines will appear more predominately. But it is natural to have wrinkles.

If you are worried, apply facial moisturiser on your face before you go to sleep, your skin will love you for it.

I read somewhere, if you do not want any facial wrinkles you have to constantly walk around with a blank face, which is no expression of any kind. Quite impossible for us. :)

Answer #2

At 17, I think you’d benefit far more from de-stressing exercises…than from any product on the market. Exercise…all exercise de-stresses…Yoga is excellent…nice and quiet…yet so calming. You’ll see those lines disappear.


Answer #3

It’s perfectly normal, you can get them any time during your teen years. It’s not something uncommon. To get rid of them, you could try some anti-wrinkle products. Search up reviews on youtube to find the best ones. And try to relax :] Drink lots of water and keep your body healthy and hydrated.

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