What age should people wear makeup

I have two questions 1: what age should people wear makeup 2: what one is better goth or punk???

Answer #1

I started at 11 well the best time to wer make-up is at the 6th grade about 12-13yrs and I think punk is better~

Answer #2

if I hadta choose it wud be punk. and makeup…um 12, 13? basically at any age but dont wear something thats not appropraite 4 your age. like wait till your like in 6th or 7th

Answer #3

makeup there really is no age but anything under around 13 would be starting pretty young usually they dont need it anything over is a good time to experiment personally I like punk more, but real punk…not the new age stuff that people think is punk though both genres are good and I know people from both of them really though just do what you feel is comfortable and you wear makeup when you feel comfortable wearing it and experiment with your style when you choose to, dont let other people change your mind if its already made up

Answer #4

Wear make up whenever you please. Just don’t wear massive amounts; that makes people look trashy. Punk and Goth have their upsides. If you are asking because ‘you want to start dressing punk/goth’ then you shouldn’t even bother. People who are really punk or goth don’t claim these titles. They truly believe in what they stand for and they dress the way they do because that is how they wish to express themselves. Please don’t be another fake; there are way too many of those already.

Answer #5

I started wearing makeup at 11 cause my older sister didnt want to be embaressed of me,so I’ve been wearing it ever since.haha,bad I know.and I don’t know,Im not goth or punk..

Answer #6

I think 13 is a good age to start wearing make-up. As for the goth or punk I think you should be whatever style you want. Make up your own new and unique style. :)

Answer #7

Punk all the way! But I think it would be cool if you combined the two. And I have no opinion on makeup, it’s used way too much!

Answer #8

Punk all the way! But I think it would be cool if you combined the two. And I have no opinion on makeup, it’s used way too much!

Answer #9

whenever you feel like it. you can start out with just some lip gloss and mascara.

I started at like 13, I’d say..

and either, whatever you feel comfortable with.. but I dont like labels.. just be you!

Answer #10

it doesnt matter.. only if you need it.. and neither I like scene!

Answer #11

punk 11

Answer #12

yuu should go with just normal

dont pretend to be something yuu arent

live your life & be happy about it to xx

Answer #13

INoww Rightt

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