Why are these guys so mean to my friends and me?

So, my friend posted a picture of us kissing on a social site (we’re both girls btw). And the next week at school during algebra we heard some guys in teh back talking about it. From that point on those guys have been, like, it doesn’t even constitute as avoiding! They literally run away from us, and if we touch thm they “die” I mean wth? And if the teacher isn’t in the room one of them says “lesbian.” And in Gym the same one always shouts “c’mon Anna!” Like cheering me on, but he’s doing it in a assholey way. I totally don’t get this AT ALL, I thought guys LIKED the girl-on-girl stuff

Oh, and another thing, is the other day I was walking to class and one of them shouted, “Anna, you’re looking really sexy today!” (yeah it was pretty much that). I don’t get them, sigh.

Answer #1

Because they are trying to get your attension, they may seem horrible to you and your friends but usualy when guys do that they are hiding feelings for me x

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