What do you do when your family hates you?

What do you do when your family like legit hates you and yell at you and abuse you for no reason... I was suppose to be in child services but then my dad shipped me oversees and in jordan you are allowed to hit your child and you cant leave at 18... So I don't know what to do im sick of this family they said I was a disappointment and that I will never become anything :( they dont want me they yell at me for no reason and blame everything on me and so on...

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I understand what you're gaing through but I found a way to get out my only real chance I've joined the military & if you have an american citizenship than you can to if you want but it has to be what you want

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I swear I dont.. I try anything to keep them happy but there really strict and get mad at me for every little mistake I make... like me on the computer even for 1 hour pisses them off and they yelled at me last night for it if it was sumone else they wouldnt care just cause its me they have to go nuts bout it

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HOW DO I LEAVE!!! and the only reason there holdin me is cause there worried what the neighbors will say when I leave... all I hear from this family is what will others think or what will they say when I really dont care what they think or say

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I know what you should do tell them your going to camp outside.Then bring a lot of food and cloths and that stuff also a tent.Then when there asleep run away near a store camp there get a job work get money buy food and cloths and walla.Happy life!

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who said it is allowed ,, not because most of them do it it becomes legal, are you sure you are not doing anything that makes your family upset ?

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so you live in jordan? like the country in the middle east? do you have american citizenship? If you wanted to leave (and it would be hard) try to find out if there is an american military base or an american embasy that you could run to. If you are running you might be able to claim refugee status at either of these places.

Until then, I would try to completely lie to your family about the way you feel and apologize to everyone about the way you have been acting. try to live by their rules no matter how crazy they are. You don't want to cause any more conflict than there needs to be while you are still living there.

Or maybe you could talk them into sending you away to school like to a boarding school in england or something.

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...the onlii ...thiing that ii kcan say to yhew is ...just...keep your head up...dont let them bring you down in any kind of way ...try to make the best of it while your theyre...like someone else said maybe lie to them and apologize and make it best...ii thiink that the best piece of advice that ii can giive you is ...DONT RUN AWAY!!!...sorry to tell yhew but they might get upset and try to hurt yhew in the worst way if they find yhew!!!hope ...my advice helped...
MUahsz ...Domo..

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I know how you feel...I want to run but I cant what will the people say and family reputation will go down...Are you muslim. If you are, go to a near by mosque, or try to get help from others near you. God will help you. Think of good things and ignore what they say to you. dont let them put you down. Please them in everyway. HOWEVER, if you get abused girl run away and stay at someone's elses and hopefully you will be protected :)

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Is there a church you an run to?

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aww...rey...=( theres nuthin you can do but deal with it until you move later, I think...lol

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they hate me!!! I was serious when I said it they really do gettin a knife in your face for making a facebook is legit!!! I dont think thts love

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Is there law enforcement around there? Cause that's not right. And I like what they said previously...about lying and apologizing and all that crap. Just try to please them. Try to make it the best while you are there. And remember everything is in God's hands. Try to find a church. It's the best thing!

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dont leave ,, dont do it ,

see how other members in the family acts and try to do what they do , if you cant talk with your parents nad not shy , tell them about how you feel

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well if they don't want you then why don't they let you leave?
and who said they have to LET you leave. Just leave, and once you're gone, they can't tell you what to do.

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I agree with modestalchemist. You should go to an American military base on the American Embasy. I know how you feel I am 25 getting married and my family crates so much drama and I know they hate me too.I completely understand what you are going through. Get a Bible and read it. That has helped me a lot and pray to God and if you haven't already accepted Jesus Christ in your life then you should really do that and watch you and the people around you transform and then you will find a way. Always remember that you are precious and yu are a child of the Most High God and he will not let anything happen to you. Confide in Him. Find your comfort in Him. Find your strength in Him, and find your peace in Him. Call upon His name and he will fight your battles for you. It seems to me like the devil is using your parents to make you feel worthless but your much more worth then what the devil wants you to think and you have so much more potential then what the devil wants you to know. Again I understand because I have been through the same things and even though I am 25 if you don't cut ties which I believe I have to after this then they will never stop controlling you or trying to. I hope this helped.

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they know how I feel and the WHOLE family gangs up on me when I do sumthin not there way there impossible!!

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im sorry , I cant think about any reason why the are doing that !

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how old are you?

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I think it is mostly about control there is a thing called unconditional love.. they don't want to let you go and they worry but they show you this in the wrong way by yelling or hitting you. You have to remember that you have friends and people that love and even know your in a sticky situation with your family at the moment you have those friends. You also have to think about even know you can't leave at the moment if there so horrible do you really need them in your life, ignore what they say and say to yourself I'm a wonderful person and it doesn't matter what they say and believe it honey. That helps a lot it did when I was in your position.

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I have the same problem...and the truth is noone is going to help you. Its only until you get your own power back and turn your love for them into disgust that you have a chance... I can't even do that. No matter how they treat me I have forgiven them time after time...god cant help you with them...BUT the god in you can help you to focus on something other than them. Get a hobbie outside of home - at the library...church is ok as long as your not forsaken new found empowerment for another person or state which tries to undermine that...your vulnerable now so invest in yourself wisely... Many loving hugs from 30 yr old mother in Australia

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