Hate my husband's family

I really hate my husbands family all of them… Is it wrong to wish that somethin bad was to happend between my husband and his family so that he wouldnt have to speak to them again. Is it wrong to act like they dont exsist or to put it in his head that they dont exist

Answer #1

no, it’s perfectly understandable that you’re mad (remember, feelings are NEVER wrong!), but your husband cares about these people, and wishing something does not make it true… there may be other ways to live with them. His interactions dont have to anything do with you… Remember… you do not have to interact with them if it makes you unhappy… Trying to convince him to hate his family will probably just cause problems between the two of you…

Answer #2

dga3330 I know how you feel, I am in the same boat after 15years I cant get rid of the hatred I feel for them and wish the same worst things, we left the city and they followed now we are planning to leave the country, I would rather live away from my own family and miss them than be close to his and be miserable

Answer #3

well its not particularily nice to think that, but I think its okay(kinda) to dislike your husband’s family. just try and keep your feelings to yourself?

Answer #4

it’s okay for you to not to like them… but don’t sabatoge his relationship with his family. they are his family. you can still tell him how you feel about them though. he is your husband, and you should be able to talk to him about anythying.

Answer #5

we have talked about it allot. its many of reasons why I hate them so much. they dont like me either for no real reason. if I could type the whole situation I would. if someone willing to read it all, then youll see what im talking about. and then I should get a different answer thats what I really want to do but I dont think no one will read everything

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