do you hate one or more family members?

do you hate one or more family members???

Answer #1

Yeah, I hate my mother and father. I hate my father for touching me inappropriately since I had to put a PPO against him for doing that. As far as my mother, I hate her for treating me cruel since one of my sisters is a favorite over me. For the rest of my family, I can’t necessarily hate them since they don’t see me. Oh well. they have their own lives. I’m going through counseling to help me not hate them. For now, I hate them for all what they’ve done. Thank goodness I don’t live with my parents anymore since I’ve moved out and have my own life. Hurray!! Hurray!! Soon, I’ll find a nice man and marry and they don’t need to know about it. In fact, if I do well at the community college I attend, I’m hoping to transfer to BYU in Provo Utah so my father doesn’t find me. I hate him so much! I’ll eventually, get over it. I’ll get over my hatred over him. Its funny, I don’t hate my mother as much as I do my father. Haha.

Answer #2

well it’d be my uncle, he started all the problems in our family and he keeps telling everyone that he didn’t do A THING!! while he did EVERYTHING!! AND he took my grandmother to his house!! she was happy in our house, as soon as she got there she got SICK!!
but from the inside I love him as a family member but I hate him for what he’s doing!!!

Answer #3

I don’t hate them but I do have some bad family members. Meaning that I have an uncle who was arrested for being a child malester (I can’t spell). Also I have an aunt who refuses to take care of her own 6 children and dumps all of them on my grandparents to take care of them. Those are the only two family members I do not really like =\

Answer #4

absolutely! my mother is satan respawned

Answer #5

Yes. my uncle. he has created all of the problems in our family. its so bad that my grandparents disowned him!

Answer #6

O I hate two of them… lol.

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