Why does my family hate me?

My family bullies me and when im in trouble they say get out of my face. and one time I tried to talk to my mom but she sent outside for 3 hours. When my brother cuts me and I push him on the couch im grounded. please help, if I live, Drayden

Answer #1

MY DAD said if I leave I cant com back. Plus My friend doesnt care but they’re still nice. I want to leave but im scared.

Answer #2

That’s abuse and NO ONE should be treated that way!You can’t take this sitting down.Talk to somebody you really trust.Take care and good luck!!!Ally;)

Answer #3

It is possible that this can be some caind of abuse. Try talking to a school councelor so meaby she can decide what all this is and meaby get you help.

Answer #4

go to school and talk to some1 and tell them everthing thats going on and if you are tired of this like you say you are than you will live and not care about going back to that stuff. (a teacher is a person you cadn talk to) they might put you in a home till they find you somewhere to go?

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