how come my family hates me a

how come my family hates me and so do all the people at school I have never done anything to any living soul!

Answer #1

girl, they do not hate you. And if they do, it’s only because you think they do. Get yourself together, and love yourself{4 real, datz all that really matters}

Answer #2

we went to court over it but im still scared around her and I cry now for no reason and thats why people make fun of me she emotionally scarred me for life… : /

Answer #3

I agree with kaihallarn111, I’m sure your family doesn’t hate you. As for the people at school, people are mean, some days they’re with you and sometimes they’re against you.

Answer #4

am sure your parents don’t hate you and for the people at school they proll mad because you are pretty and carry yourself better then them so forget them all you have to do is worry about yourself and live your life like it golding when you stop worry about how people hate you and not caring and stop paying those kids any mind they would try and be your friend because you better then that now if you ever need any more advice let me know am here for you!!!

Answer #5

Do you have any close friends that you can talk to?

Answer #6

no my friends dont understand and I cant go to them

Answer #7

he yells at me about how I need to get a life and get my lazy a** up and stuff and my step mom used to abuse me.

Answer #8

true true. but my dad yells at me ALL the time and my step mom is another story

Answer #9

man, that stinks. just because your better than all of the school losers, doesnt mean you should think that. and about your parents, they might be in a tough situation, causing them to be constantly pixxed off.

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