I hate my family what should I do?tell me please

I have a family who I have a proplems with. Not all of them but my mom and dad actully. my mom love me but when she ls mas she tell me stuff that I hate and I dont like? I think my dad doesnt care too and he is just dumb I cant take it anymore what should I do and im just 13 years old girl?

Answer #1

Ask them to go to family counseling with you… or just sit down with them and tell them how you feel?? you are so young and at this time of your life your body is going through changes and your hormones are hanging… just remember they are your family and your blood.. your mom went through all that trouble to give birth to you so she has love for you because you are her child.. also you are part like you father… in the end of the day they are the only people you can turn to who truly care about you : )

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